What is The NRLA Archive?

The National Review of Live Art (NRLA) Archive is primarily a video archive that documents performances from the prestigious NRLA festival. Presented in over 1900 files, the audio-visual documents cover the period from 1986 (when the festival was first recorded on film) to its final year 2010. As well as the recordings of performances, there are also tapes of installations, discussions, and interviews with participating artists. The NRLA Archive was donated to The Nottingham Trent University in the 1990s by Nikki Milican (OBE), artistic director of the NRLA, as a key addition to the Live Art Archives, and subsequently transferred to the University of Bristol Theatre Collection in 2006.

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Accessing the site

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Given that it is in the nature of art, especially recent experimental performance practices, to challenge convention, morality and the established boundaries of society, some of these records of performances from the NRLA may provoke contention and strongly held opinions, as they contain material of a sexual and violent nature and deal openly with contentious issues. We have adopted a principle that this documentation of art-works and related events, however contentious and challenging the material contained in their representations, should be made available to adults only, placed clearly within the context of both a record of an arts festival and as a resource for research and private study. If you are likely to be disturbed or offended by such material, you are advised not to proceed further to access this site.